Procure Goods & Services Ltd – “Above And Beyond Catering Services”

About Us


Procure Goods & Services Ltd is a family owned organization that has been in the business of hospitality management and training, industrial catering, facilities management and other related services for over 30 years spread out between several continents and has operated in France, Lebanon, Juba South Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria (both offshore and on land).

The company Procure Goods and Services Ltd was formed and registered in Nigeria on 21st of September 2016 and commenced operation the following year with the goal to offer the increasing number of organizations based in Nigeria an efficient and high standard of service it provides.

The organization has been growing and has done work for Tolaram Group, Buhler group, Sana group to mention a few and has further plans of expanding the business in the coming years.



Procure NG is into highly specialized fields of operation and employs only experienced professional hands in all aspects of its management. With several internal divisions, each division manager has a responsibility to deliver qualitative performance without the interference towards positive innovations and growth. Our senior management team is made up of professionals that guide in various capacities and together, the management and the entire work force always deliver to our diverse clients above and beyond their stated requirements and standard.

Training & Development

Procure Ng asides from providing Hospitality Training and Development as a service to our clients, has a policy of staff training and development. As it is a continuous process and in line with our policy, we highly follow through On Job Training. All with no exceptions of our human capital is exposed to coaching and development that enhances human, technical and conceptual skills to improve operational efficiency and effective decision making.


Above And Beyond Catering Services.


Providing a level of support above and beyond expectation, taking control, such that our customers can focus on their bottom-line and project completion.


Maintaining long-term relationships and providing value such as to meet and exceed expectations of our Customers, Employees and Suppliers.


Commitment to ensuring industry standards are exceeded in the motivation and training level of our employees in an inclusive, accountable environment.


Conducting all our business with integrity, in a manner that is honest and fair to gain credibility and trust among-st our customers.


Showing responsibility by conducting all activities in a safe and responsible manner by protecting the well-being of individuals, the community and the environment.


Constantly improving our equipment and systems by embracing technology and bench-marking world’s best practice.

Clients we worked with

We Work Closely With A Wide Range Of Clients From Different Sectors And Regions Across Public Sector, Private Sector And Local And National Governments.

These are just some of the companies we’re proud to work with: